Spirituality: Whence the Wind?

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Wind blows where it wills. . everywhere?.

I was just outside standing in the wind & praying. That still small voice suggested that I might go online & search "the wind blows where it wills." At the top of the list was your site. Your survey questions are wonderful but numerous.
I'm not sure that I can answer in any meaningful way...

I feel the Spirit blowing through my life in many ways. I am reminded of a quote my wonderful wife provided me ..."Every bush is afire with the presence of god. Only he who takes off his shoes sees."
God is always near & sometimes I see.

...in the trees, in the sun peeking through storm clouds & in the storm clouds themselves, in the playful smiles of my grandchildren, in songs, in movies, in the grocery store, on tv, at dawn & dusk, in people I love..like...& dislike, in my wife's caring & even in her condemnations, in art, in overheard conversations, in my children--their plights & victories, in quiet streams & busy streets, in silent fields & rock & roll.

When I See, I see God everywhere I look. When I feel, I feel wind blow & know His presence. When I hear, the angels sing. Still there is an indescribable state in which God's spirit & my own can exist in near unison. I can't remember when or where I've been "there", but I know I
have. It gives me a fervent desire for complete reunification with "ONE"- all there is & will be... The Great I AM.

Jesus said "The wind blows where it wills" & "I am the door."
I am one who opens the door to stand in the wind. When I do not see, I am blind... & also very thirsty for my own reality in Him. It is in Him that I find who I am....I am his Light, His Love & this manifestation of God in 3-D.....when I see every bush afire with the presence of God.
In the wind I stand and walk and live.



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