Spirituality: Whence the Wind?

"The aim of the Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky is to empower others to pursue their respective spiritual journeys." We seek to encourage the reader to listen to the inner journey and the promptings of the Wind, wherever, however, whenever. --facilitator is Paschal Baute. SGN of KY is a nonprofit, nondenominational, educational corporation established in Kentucky in 1989. www.lexpages.com/sgn "Be still and know that I am the Lord." Psalm 46:10

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

In Nature, Music and . . a new puppy.

I find the Spirit blowing in my life in the grandeur and the simplicity in

The crispness of a Spring breeze, fluttering all the tiny green
leaves just so.

I feel the Spirit when I write music that I feel conveys His
message, His love.

And when I play those songs and those of others, I feel
the Spirit.

Also in marriage, deep, true intimacy, in a new puppy (in spite
of poop!), in a funeral that has helped send a loved one home...


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